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Fall Equinox Muffin Making

As the days begin to cool off, and the breeze flows in the open windows at our house, I start thinking about baking again. Muffins are such a versatile food. Since my kids were able to eat solid foods, I have been making muffins, because they travel and freeze well, and work for a meal or a snack. Not to mention, for those picky eaters, it's easy to toss in some extra fruit and vegetables without any fuss.

This first recipe is not for everyone. But for those of you, like me, feel best when you're on an anti-inflammatory diet - this muffin has it all: no sugar, no gluten, and no eggs. With all these stipulations, and it's hard to find baked goods. Below is a solid go-to for those restrictions, PLUS it has high-antioxidant/anti-inflammatory properties of the pumpkin or sweet potato. If you CAN tolerate eggs, this recipe will be fluffier with eggs over flax.

Sadly, this recipe is not a favorite with my kids unless I add a little honey on top. The great news is, it's more for me. I typically make the Pumpkin Berry & Oat Berry recipe at the same time. Only getting the food processor out, heating the oven, and washing the muffin tin once is a much more efficient use of my time, than baking on separate days. This is a tried and true recipe. We've been using different iterations of this recipe for at least 15 years. Of all the recipes I've tried: this is my children's favorite, and it's oh-so-easy. Again, toss everything in the food processor, pulse, and put in the muffin tin. Enjoy.

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